Ubuntu Server Installation.

Work in progress.. 
Now we are going to start the installation of the system.
Head over to the ubuntu homeside and download the server edition of Ubuntu. 
Ubuntu Server Edition.
Download it and burn the image on a CD or install it on a USB stick.
(If you do not know how to. You can find a excellent guide if you press the show me button.) When you are ready put your USB / CD in the computer that will serve as a server. Start the computer and depending on the mainboard manufacture press the [DEL] or [F2] key. Inside the bios configuration select Advanced BIOS Features or BOOT. Somewhere where you can find the settings for BOOT priority. When you find it sett the first one to  USB-HDD/CD-ROM . Save and exit bios. Now the system starts from the USB. 

My guide continues when you come to this screen. 

Name it what ever you want. I name my server to Cerberus (Greek mythology the three-headed dog guarding the entrance to Hades; son of Typhon) :P Then you have to select the time and place of you computer.
Next we are going in to the fun part of the installation the partitioning of the hard drive.
At this screen select Manual.
Now at the next screen select the CF card whit free space.