tisdag 1 februari 2011


Hi every one, This is a blogg on how i plan to set up an heedless Ubuntu server at home.
The plan is to make a all in one server whit these features
  1. Headless Ubuntu Server. 
  2. Router whit webmin
  3. Samba file server
  4. Web server
  5. Media server for my ps3 using Twonky server
  6. Torrent server whit remote GUI. 
  7. And sometime in the future when I can afford it. An intelligent home system. 
Well my ISP is using a unsafe fiber network connection directly connected to my gaming PC and PS3.

My plan is to use the safer Ubuntu machine as a router to filter my traffic and create a safer local LAN.
Since the server is a torrent and media streamer i can download movies on the server even if I am at work using TransDroid.  And then stream them to my PS3 to watching on my big 60" TV..
But fore most because its interesting to create thing.