Server hardware.

In this section I am going to discus the chosen hardware.
The server do not need allot of power. But sins it is going to stay on for 24/7 we need to select lo power consumption hardware. Ther for i did go for a Intel Atom main board and a CF card for the system. To store the medias and other files i selected a WD caviar Green 2tB.

Part list
The best choice for this computer would be the BCM IXBDN. There are two versions of the motherboard on their side one is ATX and the other is fed only by a 12V DC 4pin connector. Both of them however have two very nise features. 
  1. Dual GBLan addapter
  2. On board Compact Flash reeder. 
But unfortunately I did not know then when I bought the system that there was a motherboard with a CF card reader and it appears that there is no retailer for this motherboard in Sweden.

Installation of the hardware.
As you probably noticed I said nothing in the last post on the chassis choices. My choice of chassis to the Ubuntu server fell on IKEA's plastic box :P  
It's ugly but cheap and after all I'm going to hide it in the closet, no need for more advanced and expensive box.
Here have a lock at the internal of the plastic box :) 
And the exterior..
As you can see i mounted the Hard drive on the top of the box because i do not want more heat inside. Also you can notice the lady stoking i have pulled and taped over the 120mm fan to prevent dust from entering the box.  

Next part is installing the software.